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SEPTA Makes Policy Change Regarding Baby Strollers On Buses

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- SEPTA is changing its bus policy next year, to allow parents to keep children in their strollers during off-peak hours.

Philadelphia mom Lacey Kohlmoos says it's an ordeal, having to fold her baby stroller when getting on a SEPTA bus.

"Get my son out of the stroller, fold up the stroller, hold my son in one hand, hold the stroller in the other, get onto the bus, put the stroller down, get the token out, put it in, pick up the stroller again and try to find a seat on the bus and get there without hitting everybody with my stroller or dropping my son -- both of which are very big concerns!"

So Kohlmoos started an online petition asking SEPTA to allow open strollers.

SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch says the transit agency gets about ten stroller complaints a month on both sides of the issue. But he says starting in January, the policy is changing.

"What this would do is allow unfolded strollers on buses with the exception of peak times," he said.

Right now, Busch says it's up to the bus driver's discretion whether a stroller needs to be folded-up on board.

Busch says SEPTA's main concern is not to create a tripping hazard aboard buses. He says the policy change was in the works before the petition was launched.

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