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Screams Of Terror Fill Philly Restaurant After Stabbing Prank

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Did pranksters go too far?

Screams of terror fill a Philadelphia restaurant after a stabbing prank sends the wrong message.

It's a prank that has gotten the attention of Philadelphia police.

Terrorized patrons took cover and ran for their lives after a man who appeared to be wearing a blood-soaked t-shirt walked into Terakawa Ramen screaming for help.

In the video,  a man runs in shouting something in Arabic and attacks him. But it turns out it was all a joke.

Something police did not find comical.

"This is not funny at all. They think it's funny and want to put it on YouTube and get laughs from it but you see those kids in the mindset that something was going on," said Lt. John Walker.

But the joke is on those pranksters.

This video is now considered police evidence and those who were dining inside the University City restaurant Wednesday night thought they were actually in danger.

"I wasn't sure exactly whether it was a knife or a gun or just some sort of weapon and by the time I was already starting to duck under the table because I was only about three or four feet from the man who had run in," said Leah Chen.

Chen says it's an incident she's trying to forget.

"It felt way too real. Prank or not regardless you're putting people's lives in danger. It definitely wasn't funny at all," she said.

Now police are working to get these pranksters behind bars.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS.


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