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Scientist Explains Why Mosquitos Are Biting All Day Long

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - If it seems as if you're getting bitten by mosquitoes around the clock, it may not be your imagination. Scientist Explains Why Mosquitos Are Biting All Day Long

Remember when you could time your outside activities around the danger of getting a mosquito bite? Jon Gelhaus, a curator at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, says those days are long gone because of a pesky import.

"Growing up probably more used to having mosquitos out in the morning, evening and night, but these Asian tiger mosquitos will bite in the heat of the day so there's really no time you can get out and enjoy things in the summer."

He says it's also possible the critters do like you better than your friends.

"Mosquitos cue in on different things that we give off in our bodies. Our body heat, carbon dioxide that we release when we breathe out, and also chemicals that are on our skin."

So you really may be sweeter than your mate.

He adds that Mosquitos which are in the same scientific order as the equally annoying house fly. Can breed in as little water as the quarter of an inch in the dish under that petunia pot on your deck.

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