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Riders Grateful SEPTA Strike Over In Time For Election Day

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Election Day is here and it's also the first day of full service for SEPTA after the end of the city transit strike.

For those relying on buses, subways or trolleys, no more worries about the strike hurting their ability to get out and vote.

A solid early turnout at Harding Middle School. The line either out the door or very close to it with many looking to vote before work.

One voter is Pam Fitzpatrick. We actually spoke with Pam at 30th Street station last week about how much of a mess her commute was because of the SEPTA strike. She had to walk 13 blocks to the train station for work and and shewas hurting.

Well, Harding Middle School just happens to be her polling place and Pam couldn't contain her excitement at taking a SEPTA bus to get to the polls.

"I caught the 25 off of Bridge Street, got off at the corner at Wakeling and Torresdale and walked here. It's wonderful, just wonderful. Otherwise, I would have to walk six blocks."

And so getting around is easy again for Pam and on her way to work she wants to share that joy.

"And the first SEPTA bus driver I see, I'm gonna give him a big old hug like I said last time!"

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