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Rich Zeoli: Impeachment Insanity

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- June 12, 2017. The left was angry my friends. Like an old man trying to return soup at a deli (George Costanza.) You could feel their sense of rage which actually masks tremendous disappointment. You see, another one of their grand strategies of removing President Donald Trump from office vanished.

Let's review how we got here.

President Trump wins the election. The left unleashes cries of Russia interference. When even President Obama said the Russians had not hacked the election, the left shifted gears. Their next goal: the Electoral College.

Do you remember those glossy, professionally produced television spots featuring Hollywood "celebrities" imploring the electors to choose someone else, anyone else? They spent millions. How did that work out for them? One elector changed his vote. One.

Now Donald Trump was officially President of the United States and the left shifted gears to Russia collusion 24/7. Like a badly scripted reality show, characters such as Maxine Waters starting leading chants of "Impeach 45." It was the lowest, low energy chant I've ever heard.

The collusion argument fell apart as Democrat Senators like Diane Feinstein begrudgingly admitted there was no evidence of collusion with Russia. None. But they still have to find a way to remove this President so what to do? Turn to obstruction of justice!

Even though the Executive is empowered to hire and fire an FBI Director for any reason or no reason at all, the cries of obstruction of justice echoed throughout the swamp as James Comey wiped a tear from his eye at the Senate hearing. There can't be obstruction of justice because a President, as Comey himself admitted, can order the Justice Department to investigate or not investigate anyone he wants. And if they don't listen he can always fire the investigator or pardon the target as Gerald Ford did with Richard Nixon and George HW Bush with Caspar Weinberger. The power of the Executive to absolve a person of their federal sins is absolute.

With one exception: impeachment. Impeachment is a political act and Congress can theoretically impeach a President for being late on his credit card payments.

If they have the votes. They don't have the votes. They know they don't have the votes.

So back to June 12, 2017. President Trump held his first official cabinet meeting. Everyone was jovial and grateful for their position in his cabinet. They offered praise and that praise was savagely mocked by the usual suspects of Chuck Schumer and Stephen Colbert. The cabinet members expressed their commitment to working with the President to make America great again.

And another one of the left's grand hopes vanished before their eyes.

Just a few days earlier, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote an impassioned plea on Facebook imploring the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. Led by Vice President Mike Pence, the Cabinet would declare Trump unfit to serve and relieve him of his duly elected position.

Reich is advocating for a coup, but he's a hero to the left so no one will call it that. They will just call it a reasonable remedy given the threat to the Republic.

As they watched in horror as President Trump's cabinet praised the boss, they realized the 25th Amendment strategy was squashed. But don't worry, they will come up with a new strategy very soon because one thing is certain: their delusions of grandeur will not stop until President Trump is removed from an office they insanely believe is theirs.

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