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Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Murdered In Virginia

By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Police Officer Virginia Hill, who retired from the force in 2002 after devoting her 24-year career to finding missing children, now has become a victim herself, murdered inside her Suffolk, Va. home Saturday.

Hill, who told CBS 3's Walt Hunter, in a July, 2001, interview that she treated every missing child as one of her own, was tenacious finding and identifying children who vanished, many of whom met with foul play.

In July, 2001, Hill's non-stop efforts help lead to the discovery of Latanya Reese, a 15-year-old, missing for more than five years. Sadly, Reese's body was found in a Florida cemetery after she was abducted and murdered. But the discovery and identification provided closure to the victim's family which they might never have known without Hill's diligent efforts.

Hill also helped the family of Martin Michael Burkle,who vanished in October, 1975, discover, after 25 agonizing years, what had become of their loved one, who had been murdered.

Burkle's sister telling Hunter she hoped that investigators seeking Hill's killer have the same dedication that filled Hill's career helping others.

So far, there's no word from Virginia investigators on a motive or if they are close to catching the suspected killer.

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