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Research: Social Media Activity Plays Big Role On Whether Job Seekers Get Hired

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  If you're looking for work, a good resume and solid references aren't the only thing job applicants have to worry about these days. Your social media presence can also play a big role in whether or not you get a job.

Like most 22 year olds, Anitha Benjamin spends a fair amount of time on social media.

"I use my LinkedIn, I use Facebook, I use Instagram, all that stuff," said Benjamin.

But when the college graduate started looking for a job last year, she was careful about what she posted.

"I was thinking that I should definitely keep it professional because it's all online and everyone can see everything that you are posting," said Benjamin.

And new research shows that's a good idea because businesses are looking.

A report from the Society for Human Resource Management finds one third of companies have disqualified a job candidate in the past year because of information found on their social media accounts.

In another survey, Office Team asked hiring managers the most common social media mistakes job applicants make.

45 percent said posting negative or inappropriate comments.

35 percent said posting or being tagged in inappropriate photos.

"If you are too negative, too opinionated, it could really come off to some individuals that you could be a problem in the workplace," said Dawn Fey with Office Team.

"The way people perceive us is very important," said Benjamin.

Having a professional presence online worked for her. She recently got a corporate job, her first out of college.

And it's not just job applicants that need to mindful. A survey from Kaplan Test Prep found 40 percent of college admissions officers look at a potential students' social media, too.

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