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Rendell, Ramsey Weigh In On Gun Violence And Colorado Massacre

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and former Governor Ed Rendell talked about the Colorado shooting and why they're fighting for stricter gun laws.

Ed Rendell says the 2nd Amendment wasn't meant to provide citizens with the firepower available today.

"This guy got off, police estimate, 50-60 rounds in a minute. No one should have that type of killing machine. Come on, America."

And he had some harsh words for lawmakers in Washington.

"Had the congress not, in an incredible act of cowardess, let the assault weapons ban expire, the gun would have been illegal that he bought and he wouldn't have had that 100 round magazine."

Gun control is a daily battle for Charles Ramsey.

"We had a person shot and killed in broad daylight Saturday. Overnight, we had another homicide as a result of gun violence."

Opponents say no the world is a broken place and shootings like this will happen regardless of what law is on the books.

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