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Reducing Your Monthly Gas Bills In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - If you live in Philadelphia, switching natural gas suppliers to save money isn't an option. Only PGW will service customers in the city.

So how can you save some cash?

Philadelphia is an older city and many of us are still using older appliances and heaters. Those waste a lot of energy, according to PGW Spokesman Barry O'Sullivan:

"You find pieces of equipment that are often too large for the buildings they are trying to heat or for the task that is being given to them. So we can help them go in and right size their equipment to make sure they are not paying costs and their equipment is not inefficiently running."

O'Sullivan also suggests sealing up leaks:

"The thing we see in a lot of homes is where energy is leaking. Now, typically, you'll see that around windows and also under doors, especially in older homes. So a lot of the work that people can do to increase their energy efficiency and cut their costs isn't either labor intensive or expensive."

In addition, be generous with the caulk and weather stripping, add insulation to your attic and around ducts, use a programmable thermostat and replace old appliances with more energy efficient models, and make sure your gas furnace is clean and running properly.

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