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Nursey products contribute to deaths of 160 children every year, consumer report shows

Nursey products contribute to 160 children death every year, consumer report shows
Nursey products contribute to 160 children death every year, consumer report shows 02:16

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  There is renewed warnings about potentially dangerous nursery products after a new government report showed they contribute to the deaths of 160 children every year.

Children are injured in all kinds of accidents linked to nursery products. Most are related to improper bedding.

"He was very playful, always smiling -- just a happy baby," said Keenan Overton, who lost his 5-month-old son.

One night in 2017, Overton put his son Ezra in an inclined sleeper, but when he went to check on him the next morning, the baby was face down and unresponsive.

"It was the worst day of my life, obviously," Overton said.

The incline sleeper and similar products were eventually recalled, however, some are still in use.

Now, a new report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission shows between 2018 and 2020, 46 children died in inclined products that were not intended for sleep. 


"Babies can become entrapped in an inclined sleeper, where the baby can roll over into an unsafe space," said Nikki Fleming, with CPSC.

The CPSC said it's not just incline products. The report found about 100 babies die every year in other sleep spaces. 

"Most of the deaths were associated with extra bedding being added to the sleep space, including pillows, quilts [and] comforters," Fleming said. "Any soft bedding can conform to the baby's nose and mouth, and blocking their airway can cause suffocation."

She said cribs, bassinets and similar products should have nothing in them except for a fitted sheet.

"Also, always place your baby to sleep on their backs," Fleming added.

It's a simple step that can help prevent a tragedy.

The report also found that African American children are disproportionately impacted by nursery-product-related deaths. Parents are advised to make sure products haven't been recalled.

Visit to check for recalls and sign up to receive recall notifications at

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