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Police: Pair Of Suspects Used Social Media Site To Lure Victims, Rob Them

By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's a crime that police admit they haven't seen a lot of before, and for that reason, they're telling people to be extra vigilant on social media.

A male and female are in police custody tonight after police say they used a social media site to lure and rob their victims.

"I was a little scared. I just kept thinking, I hope this won't be my last night."

After being robbed at gunpoint, a victim, who chose not to be identified, knew it could very well have been a night that ended tragically.

After briefly meeting a woman, on August 1 he was lured to the 200 block of South Allison Street, where the female suspect's boyfriend lie in wait.

"I parked on the corner and she said meet me under the tree. As I called her back, and asked her 'where are you at,' she said 'I'm coming out,' the gun cocked back. And then when I turned around, he took everything, my wallet, driver's license."

Little did this victim know it was a set up. Police say 27-year-old Mariah Harris had pulled the same stunt on two other men after trolling Facebook scouring the social media site looking for victims.

"Boyfriend, girlfriend, looked like the scenario they set up was to have her troll, find guys, have them meet her in early morning hours in this area which is pretty dark, residential, not many people out and then the boyfriend would lie in wait," Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police said.

"It was a set up, it was a set up," the victim said.

Both Harris and her 26-year-old boyfriend Tyrese Gibson have been arrested and charged with three separate robberies on the same block in Southwest Philadelphia. This victim wiser now, and more weary of meeting anyone in an area he doesn't know.

"Have them meet you in a place where there is a lot of people, especially where there are lights," the victim said.

"Social media is a good thing, but it is overused and it's very dangerous if you don't take precautions," Lt. Walker said.

The two suspects are facing three counts of robbery and other related offenses.


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