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Police: 200 People Arrested, High-Powered Weapons Seized In North Philadelphia Drug Bust

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia police have arrested more than 200 people and seized several high-powered weapons after a major drug bust in North Philadelphia. The arrests happened over the course of just four days.

Investigators say getting drug dealers, drugs and guns off the streets is a win for the neighborhoods.

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Officials reportedly received tips from people in the city's Fairhill and Kensington neighborhoods about drug deals happening right before their eyes. Must of the investigation was centered on Allegheny Avenue near Weymouth Street.

Over the course of four days, Philadelphia police got over 24,000 grams of drugs off the streets.

Police say 200 people were arrested on drugs and weapons violations.

The confiscated drugs included cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin and other hard drugs. Police say the drugs had a street value of nearly $700,000.

Credit: CBS3

They also seized almost $150,000 in cash.

Inspector Joseph Fredericksdorf says removing 21 guns, including assault rifles, off the streets will have the biggest impact on the neighborhoods.

"We look at every gun as a win for somebody not getting shot," Fredericksdorf said. "So these guns won't be used in future shootings. So, we look at that as a win. For us, that's the significant part. The drugs, yes. It's an appreciable size, but we've recovered much more and we'll continue to do so."

Credit: CBS3

Fredericksdorf says with investigations like these, they focus on getting the dealer as opposed to the user.

"So we focus on the top dealer, that's our driving force. We realize that some people are crippled by addiction so we try to get them the help they need. That's our driving goal, but we also have a duty to the neighbors to remove the dealer from their block because nobody wants a drug dealer on their block. Because it results in activities like this," he said.

Police are urging people to speak up.

You can give police a call while staying anonymous by using the number 215-686-TIPS (8477).

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