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Planned DNC Protests Have Unusual Unifying Feature

by Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Protests are an accepted fact of political conventions but there's an unusual feature to the permits being requested for the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia this summer.

Convention officials don't seem terribly concerned about protestors-- they are a time-honored feature-- but host committee chair Ed Rendell says it is unusual that so many of the planned protests are organized around someone who is a candidate for the nomination.

"It's a little unusual that it's a candidate, but not unheard of and nothing that's troubling," said Rendell.

Of the five permits the city has issued to protesters so far, four of them have gone to supporters of Bernie Sanders.

One of the organizers, YahNe Ndgo, says they plan peaceful gatherings.

"It's a celebration of our having found each other as a result of this progressive movement," she said.

Ndgo though doesn't rule out an angry response if they feel there's unfairness in the nominating process.

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