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Philly Residents To Compete For Title Of Best Axe Thrower In Country

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Eagles just brought a Super Bowl title to Philadelphia. Now, the city's next champion may come from the world of competitive ax throwing.

Seventeen Philadelphia residents, who are regulars at Urban Axes in Kensington, will be taking part in the National Axe Throwing Championship this Sunday in Toronto.

"It's been fun throwing here at Urban Axes, so I'm anxious to get out there and throw with some competition," says Steven Rigger, one of those throwers.

Rigger and the other throwers have been practicing at Urban Axes. And practice they must, because the competition in this tournament tends to be stiff.

"It's actually, technically, the best in the world," says Rigger. "So number one is number one in the world. But we have some good representation here from Philadelphia and I think we'll do pretty well."

"Winning is tough," adds Will Gelatko, another thrower from Philadelphia. "It takes a lot of grit and just throwing bullseyes and just not missing. Period."

Gelatko knows well. He was part of the tournament last year and was eliminated in the second round. But now he hopes that practice does, indeed, make perfect...

"I've been throwing at Urban Axes for a year now," he says. "This will be my second time in Canada. I expect to do a lot better this time now that I've been in it for a year."

If his performance in practice is any indication, that could very well happen as Gelatko tossed multiple bullseyes while KYW Newsradio was there.

Both Gelatko and Rigger say one of the special things about this tournament is even though there is only one winner, everyone roots each other on and supports each other.​

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