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Pennsylvania State Police unveil info card for people with Autism to help communication barriers

Pennsylvania State Police create cards for people with autism
Pennsylvania State Police create cards for people with autism 00:19

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania State Police have a new tool for people with Autism. They unveiled informational cards on Monday to better help communication with officers. 

Police want people with Autism to carry the cards and show them to officers so that they can respond appropriately. The goal is to prevent any communication barriers during an emergency. 

The informational cards were created after Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro and state police Colonel Christopher Paris met with Autism advocates.

"When an officer is made aware a person has autism, they can respond accordingly, resulting in a safer interaction for everyone involved," Paris said in a statement.

The cards direct officers to be patient, use a calm and direct voice and keep their questions and commands simple.

The informational cards can be carried physically or saved digitally on a phone. 

You can print out the cards on the Pennsylvania State Police website

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