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Pennsylvania Policy Groups Urge End To Special Tax Breaks For Corporations

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A lot of procrastinating Pennsylvanians will be doing their taxes this weekend -- never a pleasant task, but a trio of local nonprofit organizations wants to make you really angry about it.

They point out that even moderate income earners in the state may be paying more taxes than giant corporations with billions of dollars in profits.

The Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group ("PennPIRG") estimates that tax breaks and loopholes for corporations equal $452 for each individual taxpayer and more than $2,500 for small businesses in the state.

"On top of that, small businesses are put at a competitive disadvantage because they can't hire an army of lobbyists and accountants to help hide their profits," says Alana Miller of PennPIRG, which is just one of the groups pressing for passage of the "Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act," now in Congress.

Sharon Ward, of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, says Pennsylvania should also close loopholes on the state level.

"In Pennsylvania, 75 percent of companies have no tax liability whatsoever," she says.  "It's like having a sign over the turnpike saying, 'Come to Pennsylvania. Pick our pockets.' "

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