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'Do Your Jobs': Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf, Advocates Rally For Stronger Gun Laws

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Following the school shooting tragedy in Texas and the gun violence here at home, politicians and anti-violence advocates joined Friday to call for stronger gun laws in Pennsylvania.

"Every child I come across, they're angry, they're hungry, they're angry. They're tired of all the adults letting them down," said sister Taleah Taylor with the City of Dreams Coalition.

Taylor has been advocating for safer streets her entire life. She's the president of the City of Dreams Coalition. But it wasn't until Friday afternoon that she says she felt she was listened to.

"People don't listen, they don't listen where I came from. A lot of people don't understand why I'm out here. I'm out here because they did not listen time and time and time again," Taylor said.

Taylor stood with like-minded activists and Gov. Tom Wolf Friday to call for better gun control.

"Our message to our legislators needs to be in Congress and in Pennsylvania's General Assembly: 'Do your jobs,'" Wolf said.

The news conference, hosted by CeaseFirePA, was held in response to the tragedy in Texas. But many also said they live through similar tragedies every day. So far this year, Philadelphia has recorded at least 194 homicides.

"We know the pain every single day because our phone rings every single day of a murder that's happening here in Philadelphia and we got to do something. If you're not part of the solution, guess what you are? Part of the problem," Mothers in Charge founder Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight said.

Earlier this week, Democrats in the Republican-led Pennsylvania House failed to pass a package of bills geared at gun control. The package has been stalled for years. It included bills that would ban assault weapons. Those in the audience Friday say they now feel inspired.

"Nothing is being done but it doesn't have to be that way. Change is possible, change has to be possible. Change is absolutely possible for the city, for the country," Teresa Ionnucci said.

Eyewitness News did reach out to House Republicans. We were provided with the same statement as earlier in the week, that reads in part: Safe communities are their top priorities.

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