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Salem County town implements mandatory water restrictions due to extreme heat, lack of rainfall in New Jersey

Pennsville Township implements mandatory water restrictions during heat wave
Pennsville Township implements mandatory water restrictions during heat wave 02:11

PENNSVILLE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) -- Some residents and businesses in parts of South Jersey are being told to limit their water usage until further notice.

The water was flowing at Park View Car Wash in Pennsville Township on another steamy summer afternoon on Friday.

Rion Hunter takes a lot of pride in his ride and said he doesn't like driving in a dirty car.

"I got a white car so it's kinda hard to keep it clean most of the time, so actually I got to stay on top of it. So this is a weekly thing for me," Hunter said.

But with this extreme heat and lack of rainfall, the mayor of Pennsville Township said mandatory water restrictions in the township are now in effect.

"We're not waiting for the state to declare a drought or anything like that. It's just something we feel is appropriate for Pennsville," said Mayor Daniel Neu.

So for now, Pennsville Township residents are being told washing their car at home is not allowed. You can take it to a commercial car wash instead.

The restrictions also include when you can water your lawn and garden. Anyone living north of Pittsfield Street can water on even days. Everyone south of Pittsfield Street can water on odd days, and watering is limited to 45 minutes per day.


NEXT Weather Meteorologist Tammie Souza said the last time we saw rainfall was back on June 6, and we're going to see this dry pattern persisting.

According to Souza, parts of South Jersey and Salem County are abnormally dry right now.


Residents CBS News Philadelphia talked with said they don't mind following the restrictions.

"I think it's OK, we'll be alright. We can live with it. If that's the worst that happens today, we'll be alright," said Mike Corrar.

"It's a short thing, something that's going to be over pretty quickly, hopefully, so I think for everybody for the short term will be OK," Hunter said.

The township said any person who violates the restrictions shall be subject to penalties. Enforcement sanctions range from a warning to a fine of not less than $100 or more than $500.

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