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Penn Wharton Student Helping People Across US Find COVID-19 Vaccines With

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Getting a COVID vaccine appointment may have just gotten easier. Eyewitness News reporter Kimberly Davis introduces us to the man behind

A Wharton MBA for Executives student just made finding a vaccination appointment a little easier. After his loved ones struggled to get an appointment, David Newell thought of a solution.

"I was frustrated with the experience that my parents had finding a vaccine appointment. So I started developing a toolset to help them search multiple pharmacies," Newell said.

From helping mom and dad to helping the entire nation.

It's a community service project that's aiding those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine book an appointment easier, and maybe even faster at pharmacies locally and nationwide.

"With, it's just one search that looks at all the pharmacies in your area that we cover. It gets you right into the appointment flow with a high chance of getting an appointment," Newell said.

Newell is currently enrolled in the Wharton School's MBA for Executives program.

Confirming a vaccination appointment has been difficult for tens of thousands of Americans who are eager to bear their arm, especially in Philadelphia.

"Many of them have included a message saying, 'Thank you so much, I was finally able to find an appointment,' either for themselves or in many cases for their parents," Newell said.

Many of those who were able to armor up against COVID-19 through have turned into financial supporters of the service project.

Newell understands the need is great and he's hoping his site helps to ease some of the frustration.

"Let's stop the spread by spreading the word about and let's leave no appointment behind," he said.

Click here for more information if you would like to make an appointment through his website or if you would like to donate.

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