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Pediatric Doctor Says Sometimes A Fever Is Your Friend

By Michelle Durham

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) - When a child develops a fever, it's only natural for their parent or caregiver to become concerned, but when should you really worry?

Cooper University Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room Physician Dr. Kathryn McCans says in some cases a fever is your friend.

"Fever is a symptom that your child is fighting an infection. But it's a fever and what else is going on that really lets us know if it's something serious or not."

It's not the fever that concerns her as much as the other symptoms that may accompany it. She says emergency care is needed for children who have a  fever combined with severe pain, stiff neck, vomiting, all over body rash or fever of any degree in a young infant.

"The longer the fever goes on, it's a good idea to have the child check and have a physician evaluate."

And how do you know when your child's temperature is getting too high?

"The temperature that will cause harm is somewhere around 107 degrees, typically. But we often see fevers of 104, 105 or even a little bit higher."

Dr. McCans is also a Mom and she says when in doubt, always call the doctor.

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