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Papal Mass Altar Now Stands In Small Montgomery County Church

ORELAND, Pa. (CBS) --   An altar that is a piece of Philadelphia history is now in a small suburban church many thought was going to close down.

It was a mass seen around the world and the altar Pope Francis stood behind for the historic day.

Now, it has wound up in what some may say is an unlikely place.


Altar Used By Pope Francis
This altar used by Pope Francis during a Sept. 27 Mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway has found a new home in a Montgomery County church. (Credit: Mark Abrams)

"Someone I know said ask and you shall receive," Father Jason Kulczynski told Eyewitness News.

This weekend won't be a typical mass for Father Kulczynski.

"The last person to offer mass behind this was His Holiness and that was kind of awesome," Father Kulczynski said.

Only about 1,100 families attend Holy Martyrs Parish in Oreland, Montgomery County.

"Those people said our little suburban church people thought was going to close. It's amazing," he said.

This is a bit of a coup for Father Kulczynski, who's relatively new to this church.

"I've been here five months… yes," he explained.

So how did the altar that Pope Francis celebrated mass from on the Parkway, wind up here?

"Well, I asked for it," Kulczynski said simply.

It also helps when you have friends higher up in the archdiocese.

"I texted my friend, the rector of the Cathedral and I said, I can't be there. I wish I could be at the Papal Mass, save my a souvenir, I could use an altar. That's how it started."

Saturday evening's mass will serve as the official welcoming of this Holy treasure that arrived Monday.

"Christ is here and we're not going anywhere, anytime soon and I think that's a great message. The fact that we've been trusted with this great treasure would suggest there's great hope for us," Father Kulczynski said.

Father Kulczynski is hoping the altar will draw people this weekend and perhaps, some new curious faces as well.





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