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Nonprofit "The Wardrobe" offering second hand subscription boxes suitable for work or play

The Wardrobe offering second hand subscription boxes suitable for work or play
The Wardrobe offering second hand subscription boxes suitable for work or play 02:59

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Getting dressed isn't always easy, but that's not always because people don't have the right clothes. Sometimes, they don't have the money for them. One nonprofit in our area is working to take the hardship out of getting dressed for everyone.

"We're not trying to make someone something their not, but it's unlocking the potential that everyone has within them, and sometimes it's just that outer layer that is the switch that makes you realize, 'Oh yeah, I am deserving of this, I am deserving of my next steps and we just like to help them along in that process," Lisa Winder, Wardrobe Box Manager, said. 

The Wardrobe is a local nonprofit on 4th Street that is a source for stylish second-hand pieces suitable for work or play. For anyone who wants a second chance at making a great first impression.

Every year they outfit thousands through sales at their stores and free services and clothes for clients. But just recently they've started a subscription box for anyone who wants to dress for success.

"We are so grateful to get a wealth of donations," Winder said. "The Wardrobe Box is a way to get beautiful, stylish, on-trend second-hand clothing right to your door and expand our mission. Each box has four clothing items and one accessory, and that is shipped every three months."

And when you buy a box you're not just taking a chance to help yourself, you're helping someone else get a chance to change their lives. 

"For every box purchased, we're able to send a box to a client for free," Winder said. "Clothing is how we express ourselves, it's how we present ourselves it's also our first impressions of other people, and there are a myriad of reasons why people don't enjoy the act of clothing or shopping. There are people who can't afford it, maybe for size reasons or maybe it's difficult to find gender affirming clothing and traditional shopping doesn't always allow for that so The Wardrobe boxes are size inclusive from sizes XS to 4X. We serve all genders, we go beyond our immediate Philadelphia region. It's clothing for everyone. We want everyone to have the experience of enjoying getting dressed."

You can get your subscription boxes either quarterly or annually. You can also fill out a style quiz to help their stylists pick out what's perfect for you. That includes selecting your "style icon." 

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