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NJ School's Kindergarten Program Celebrates Milestone

By Hadas Kuznits

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (CBS) - Moorestown Friends School in New Jersey celebrates 130 years of kindergarten this year.

Head of School Larry Van Meter says reaching 130 years of their kindergarten program is something to celebrate:

"It's one of the oldest in this area and, indeed, in the country."

Van Meter is an alumni of the kindergarten program -- and he has his 1955 report card to prove it:

"I seem to have done pretty well, except perhaps in one area where my teacher said that I have a good mind and if I apply myself, I should do well in first grade," he said.

And what if you didn't attend kindergarten?

"I think it's an experience that clearly not everyone needs, but if students have had that opportunity, then I think, typically, their transition to first grade and the rigors of an elementary school program are easier," Van Meter said.

The kindergarten program was started all the way back in 1883.

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