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NJ Man's 'Distracted Driving' PSA Warns Of Daughter's Tragic Death

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. (CBS) -- Following his daughter's death, a Springfield, New Jersey man has produced a public service announcement to warn about the dangers of distracted driving.

Casey Feldman was a 21-year-old Springfield resident who was killed July 17, 2009, while walking to her summer job in Ocean City, N.J.

A distracted driver hit her as he was trying to grab a drink in his truck.

"Casey didn't die of illness. She didn't die of old age. She died because of something very, very senseless," said Joel Feldman, Casey's father.

The moment Casey died changed the family's lives forever, but out of the tragedy over the death of their beautiful daughter, the family started a campaign to stop others from distracted driving.

Her father, Joel, created a public service announcement with Casey's friends that the United States Department of Transportation is using to raise awareness. Casey's mother is also featured in the PSA.

Watch the PSA...

Faces of Distracted Driving: Casey Feldman, 21 by US Department of Transportation on YouTube

"The police officer asked her how it occurred. She said 'I want my mom' and I wasn't there to comfort her in those last moments," she says in the video. "What will it take for us to change the way we drive."

Joel says, he too, was a distracted driver before his daughter's death. Now that has changed for him and he wants to spread the message.

"I just hope if enough time goes by people will realize it's just not worth it and, you know, we can't multitask when we drive," said Joel. "There are no guarantees. You could be here today and then not tomorrow so you need to make a difference."

Casey wanted to make a difference as well; she was often volunteering her time at no kill animal shelters and soup kitchens.

She was studying to be a journalist at Fordham University.

Valerie Levesque reports...

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