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News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | October 6

Chris addressed the impact of Hurricane Matthew on the presidential election, Sean Hannity's feud with Megyn Kelly and statements vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine made on illegal immigration during a 2005 debate in Virginia. He talked with author Ed Klein about his book, Guilty As Sin, CBS 3 Meteorology Katie Fehlinger about Hurricane Matthew, author Kurt Schlichter about his new book, The People's Republic and local clown Judy Tudy about her trouble finding work.

6:00 Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine campaigned in Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton yesterday.

6:02 Both sides in the presidential race are preparing for the impact of Hurricane Matthew.

6:20 Sean Hannity went on a tirade against Megyn Kelly after she said Donald Trump will only go on his show.

6:35 What's Trending: Big Wheel on 76, Stephen Colbert, Jackie, Patriots Day, Drake

6:50 The vice-presidential debate received the lowest ratings since 2000.

7:00 A clown in Montgomery County is having trouble finding jobs because of online clown postings threatening violence.

7:08 At a rally in Delaware County, Hillary Clinton answered a question from a child on body image.

7:20 Chris talks with author Ed Klein about his new book, Guilty As Sin.

7:39 Tim Kaine addressed illegal immigration during a debate for Governor of Virginia in 2005.

8:05 Chris talked with CBS 3 Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger about Hurricane Matthew.

8:20 Chris talks to author Kurt Schlichter about his new book, The People's Republic.

8:35 What's Trending: Secret Conversations, Ben Foster,

8:45 Chris talked with local clown, Judy Tudy, about how violent threats posted online with clown images is impacting her ability to work.

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