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New Jersey AG Proposes New Policy On Lethal Force Videos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- New policy on body and dash camera video in deadly police incidents has been proposed by the New Jersey Attorney General's Office.

The new policy was created with help from the community, and stresses transparency. Elie Honig is the director of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, which is part of the AG's office.

"Today's policy sort of answers a question that has been out there for a long time," Honig said, "which is at what point in a police use of force, use of lethal force case, will body cam/dash cam video be available to the public."

The new policy says that video will be available typically within 20 days, unless the prosecutor releases it sooner, or needs more time to complete the investigation.

Honig says the policy will not go into effect until it is reviewed and gets approval from the Advisory Committee on Ethics.

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