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As heat rolls in, Philadelphians flock to Love Park splash pads for a quick cooldown

Philadelphians beat the heat at Love Park's splash pads
Philadelphians beat the heat at Love Park's splash pads 01:47

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Who cranked up the heat in Philadelphia? It's what a lot of people in Center City wanted to know Friday, as many were caught off guard by temperatures that soared into the 90s.

"I woke up hot! And we ended up down here somehow," said Karizma Lametrie of West Philadelphia.

Lametrie brought her daughter to Love Park on Friday to take some runs through the city's splash pad and waterfall, hoping to beat this early summer heat.

"We are loving it. It's beautiful out here, the music's going, so it's a good day," said Lametrie.

They were joined by dozens of other families with the same idea. Among them were the Scheers who were visiting from San Diego. Stephen Scheer was born and raised in Bucks County and even had his two daughters sing the Eagles fight song. But even living in Southern California didn't prepare them for this heat.

"It's 75 and sunny in San Diego. This is a little warm, but the girls are loving it," said Scheer.

He watched as his daughters were in and out of the water at Love Park, joining the flock of other kids looking to keep cool. And that water was so enticing, even some adults couldn't resist the temptation.

"They got the fountain out here. I can bring my daughter. She's playing, having fun while I'm able to sell my art. And I'm also able to play and have fun here," said Alina Amador, a local artist who moved to Philadelphia from Florida earlier this year.

The water wasn't the only attraction at Love Park on Friday afternoon. Plenty of people lined up to play ping-pong on the public tables.

Malik and Michael were in a particularly intense match, almost as intense as the pre-summer sun.

"Yeah, I'm ready to jump in the water," said Michael who ditched his shirt as the temperatures rose.

But Friday's heat is just a precursor to a wave of 90s we're anticipating for the region next week. While many people may have been caught off guard by Friday's scorcher, they'll be ready next time.

"You might be seeing me a lot more down here next week," said Lametrie.

However, Michael said he's not so sure about hitting the ping-pong tables when the heat comes around again.

"I don't know I'm getting kind of old so I don't know if I can handle it," said Michael.

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