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Occupy Philadelphia's National Gathering Joins With Unionized Verizon Workers

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Occupy Philadelphia's National Gathering joined with disgruntled unionized workers from Verizon to protest through Center City streets during rush hour.

Verizon workers have been without a contract for a year. CWA's Justin is also with Occupy Philadelphia's workers group.

"They're asking for 60 years of concessions at the bargaining table. At the same time, they are making record profits, over $12 billion last year. The CEO's just got a raise of $23 million a year, makes about $11 thousand an hour."

Verizon workers protested outside a corporate office at 11th and Market, where Occupy Philadelphia joined them for a march up to the Comcast Tower and to Senator Pat Toomey's office. Paula Paul is with Granny's for Peace and Occupy. She says the corporate and banking worlds are the target of this march.

"We're really upset with how they are undermining the whole financial security of our people and our communities."

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