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Mummers Organizers Make History By Openly Encouraging Diversity

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Mummers Parade organizers will make history in 2016, allowing multiple minority groups to participate in the parade. The goal is to include more minority groups from 2016 forward.

"It's part of who we are as a city," Mummer George Badey told Eyewitness News.

Badey became a Mummer almost 50 years ago, and is a proud member. He told Eyewitness News it's no secret the Mummers have come under fire in recent years, for not including enough diversity in the famous parade. Badey says individual minorities have marched, but 2016 will be the first year entire groups will get involved.

"The Mummers have not gone into this kicking and screaming. The Mummers fully embrace the concept of diversity," he said.

One of those groups is a Mexican heritage group called San Mateo Carnavalero .

"We are excited. The parade that we do and the costumes are very similar. We are honored that the Mummers have decided to include us," spokeswoman Monica Orozco told Eyewitness News in a statement.

George Badey said he looks forward to the future of the parade.

"The Mummers Parade is Philadelphia. It should represent all of Philadelphia and it will," Badey said.

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