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3 Children Among 10 Wounded When Gunman Opens Fire At Philadelphia Block Party

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ten people were wounded, including a toddler and two other children after a shooting Saturday night at a West Philadelphia block party.

The party along the 4100 block of Ogden Street ended with chaos after there were at least two blasts from a shotgun around 10 p.m., police say.

Lieutenant John Walker says an 18-month-old girl was hit in the neck, an 11-year-old boy was shot in the leg and back and a 12-year-old-boy was struck in the chest.
Seven adults, ages 22-59, were wounded as well and Walker says all the victims are stable.

This violence, police say, may have been due to an ongoing feud between two groups:

"Neighbors were out there, trying to do the right thing- getting together, having a good time. That quiet and peaceful event was shattered by some people who are trying to deal with something that happened a few weeks ago."

Walker says the shooters fled after firing:

"We don't believe the shooter was here at any point from what we know at this point, but there may be a possibility he may have been here and then returned later with a gun."
The victims told police the block party had been peaceful, until its violent end."

Police are now looking for two men in connection to this incident. The first is described as a black man in his 20's with a light complexion, neck beard, with tattoos on one arm wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. The second is described as a black man with a dark complexion wearing dark blue jeans and a black shirt.

There is a $20,000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Police say they are searching the area for video and interviewing witnesses, but are asking the public for help as the investigation continues.

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