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Mother Reaches Out After 10-Year-Old Son Threatens Suicide Due To Bullying

BROOKHAVEN, P.A., (CBS) -- Eyewitness News dug deeper into a little boy's torment at the hand of bullies. some disturbing video has led to action from a local school district.

A child's torment...a mother's grief.

Cell phone video captured 10-year-old Brahim Caldwell being bullied on his school bus by a member of the so-called "Mission Boys," a gang of nine and 10-year-olds.

"They do it to other people, but I'm like their main target," Caldwell said.

He says the bullying has been happening for months. His mother says that Caldwell has even threatened to commit suicide because of the bullying.

"When someone hurts him, he talks about taking his life and I don't like that about him because you shouldn't want to hurt yourself," said Rhonda Fayall. "You shouldn't want to hurt yourself Brahim, mommy loves you," she told her son.

"I really didn't want to kill myself and make my mom go through twice as much pain," Caldwell said.

Fayall says school officials at Main Street Elementary, part of the Chester Upland School District, have done nothing to stop the bullying. "We're waiting for a transfer," she said.

Gregory Shannon, the Superintendent of the Chester Upland School District released a statement saying:

"Bullying is cruel, unacceptable conduct and we will not tolerate it anywhere...We are conducting an investigation into this incident and have already suspended the child captured in the video."

He also stated the Caldwell will be transferred to another school where hopefully the bullying stops.

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