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Former First Lady Michelle Obama Headlines Women's Event In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The former first lady had some direct advice for nearly 13,000 women attending the Pennsylvania Conference for Women Tuesday, speak up or get out of the way.

Mrs. Obama sat down at the Convention Center in Center City for a wide-ranging conversation with television producer, Shonda Rhimes.

The hour long chat covered various topics, like what's next for the Obamas?

"I'm kind of good chilling for a little bit but that's the work we're working on right now, figuring what that next chapter is going to be because definitely at my age and Barack's age, we're not ready to stop," she said.

Obama went on to speak about the importance of empowering young girls so they can achieve their full potential later in life and women asserting themselves in the work place:

"A lot of power and bravery is practice and some of that is taking the risk to try to be at the table"

Former First Lady To Attend Largest Gathering Of Women In Region

She also spoke about raising children in the digital age:

"I just don't even know what tech will mean for them," she said. "I think that I'm not even in a position to know how they'll be different because I can't relate to so much of what my kids do and how they access the worlds and what that's didn't to their brains."

When asked what she and the former president plan to focus on in their life after the White House Mrs. Obama said they are both still trying to figure that out.

Even President Barack Obama made a surprise preface via video to celebrate a major milestone.

"I had to crash this party because today we have been married for 25 years," he said.

The former First Lady shared an Instagram post to celebrate the occasion online.


KYW's Melony Roy and CBS 3's Henry Rosoff contributed to this story.

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