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Mental Reset Series: Full body workout with F45 fitness

Mental Reset: F45 fitness workout
Mental Reset: F45 fitness workout 02:27

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- CBS News Philadelphia is highlighting the importance of Mental Health Month through our Mental Reset series.

Each Wednesday, we'll join free classes that promote exercise and getting outdoors as great ways to improve mental health.

CBS Philadelphia's Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl and Chief Meteorologist Bill Kelly learned about F45 Fitness' full body workout.

"Working out, physical fitness is such an important part of mental health," Sheena Ohlig, the F-45 Head Instructor, said. "It's definitely something that helps you release a lot of the energy, a lot of pent-up emotions. One of the key features, especially with F45, is community."

Mental Reset: Full body workout with F45 fitness 03:02


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