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Medford Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped In Drainpipe For Week: 'All These People Came Together For 1 Dog'

MEDFORD, N.J. (CBS) -- Firefighters in Medford rescued a dog that was trapped in an underground drainpipe for a week. Neighbors found Dylan, an 8-year-old coonhound mix, Saturday afternoon after they heard barks coming from within the pipe.

Dylan escaped from his foster parent after being rescued from a North Carolina shelter, according to Shellinda Hardie, the founder of Jericho's Wish Animal Rescue.

"The only way you could describe it was scared and excited at the same time," Hardie said.

For nine hours, firefighters, utility workers and volunteers worked together to rescue Dylan, who had a fever, soreness in his bones and skin wounds.

"It was amazing. All these people came together for one dog," Hardie said. "A dog they didn't even know."

Dylan is recovering at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

"[He's a] very lucky dog, being found and having the resources to get him out of there," Dr. Rob Mankowski, one of Mount Laurel's owners, said. "Very lucky dog."

Hardie said it's too early to say whether they'll find a new owner to adopt Dylan, but he'll be staying with a foster parent while he recovers from his injuries.

"He looks good," Hardie said. "Just happy he's alive."

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