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How act of kindness landed Philadelphia 3rd grader Eagles-Giants tickets

Young Eagles fan's act of kindness results in tickets to playoff game
Young Eagles fan's act of kindness results in tickets to playoff game 02:03

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's a viral video with a young Philadelphia Eagles fan showing how far a simple act of kindness can go. Giving $1.50 to a stranger landed this Philadelphia third grader and his family tickets to Lincoln Financial Field.

For the Mckant-McBride family, Saturday was just another Saturday. They were picking up wings and hoagies for the Birds game at ShopRite, but before they knew it, that grocery trip landed them here at the Linc for the Eagles-Gaints playoff game.

Meet Bryanne Mckant and her 8-year-old son, Mason McBride.

The North Philadelphia mom of three is still in shock Monday after a video went viral over the weekend.

"God literally just dropped Zach out of the sky," Mckant said. "I'm not even going to lie."

Zachery Dereniowski is behind the video and the account mdmotivator.

The social media influencer goes around the globe surprising those who do good deeds with everything from gift cards to experiences.

"I walked the streets of Philadelphia looking for a kind stranger with this incredible opportunity," Dereniowski said, "and then we came across Mason."

After connecting with the Eagles, the Canadian flew to Philly to do what he does best: spread kindness.

This time, it was in a South Philly parking lot.

Act of Kindness lands Philadelphia 3rd grader Eagles-Giants tickets 01:44

After digging for change in her purse and the console of her car, Mckant handed over $1.50.

Dereniowski gives it back. Instead, surprising the family with $500 and tickets to the Eagles-Giants playoff game.

"He's seeing just how to act and that was beautiful," Dereniowski said.

"Just so crazy because right now, me and my family are going through so much," Mckant said. "It's God. Literally, I know that was a blessing from God."

A few hours later, Mason and his dad, Darryl, were on the field, both at their first-ever Eagles game, meeting players and soaking in a Birds win.


Forty-eight hours later, the Mckant's message to those who saw her family's story unfold on social media is simple.

"I just say help, that's it," Mckant said. "Because you'll never know when you're on that other end and you need the help."

As Dereniowski puts it, it's a Philly thing. Just be kind.

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