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Many Travelers Frustrated As Flights Get Canceled, Delayed Across US Ahead Of 4th Of July Weekend

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Many travelers are frustrated ahead of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend. Hundreds of flights are either canceled or delayed at airports across the United States including in Philadelphia.

"I'm happy the world is opening up a little more and we can regain a little bit more normalcy," one traveler said.

Holiday travel is nearing pre-pandemic levels and so are the lines.

"It's very long," Leigh Mouse said. "It moves pretty quick."

Monday morning travelers packed into Philadelphia International Airport to kick off their holiday week. Officials say more than 2 million passengers went through TSA checkpoints since Friday.

On Monday, local travelers waited up to 30 minutes to go through security lines. While waiting they were all hoping their flights weren't delayed or even worse, canceled. Especially after paying a hefty price to fly.

"The prices are insane, but if you want to travel you got to pay the price," a traveler said.

Flights are up 14%, while hotels are up 23% and car rentals are costing an average of $40 more a day than in recent years, but these fliers knew how to find a deal.

"We looked in advance, we went through a travel agency, it's a few of us traveling so that helped us save," Tosha Rivers said.

Others said they got their flights "pretty cheap."

Jada Johnson, or let's just say Mrs. Johnson, isn't just smiling because she saved a few dollars.

"We're going on our honeymoon," Chad Johnson said. "We were just married on Saturday."

The busier days are expected to be Thursday and Friday. To avoid long lines, travelers should get to the airport early.

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