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Man Hospitalized After Attack In Lawncrest, Video Obtained

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia Police are investigating after they say a man was beat in the city's Lawncrest section on Friday evening.

Officials say that several calls came in around 6:00 p.m. They were in regards to a man being beaten by three other men.

Chief Inspector Scott Small said the victim never saw it coming:

"You could see him standing about three feet from him, then suddenly, for no apparent reason, punches him with his right hand, punches the victim in the face. The victim walks about three steps, staggers, and falls hard, right on his head and face."

Police say the incident occurred on the 700 block of Adams Avenue. Chief Small said  the attack was caught on as many as nine nearby surveillance cameras, along with police real-time crime cameras on the block. CBS 3 obtained the footage from one of those cameras.

"It just appears for some reason this perpetrator walks up on this individual, and it appears for no reason, and according to the witnesses also for no reason, punches him very hard in his face, his jaw area," he said.  "The victim collapses, hits his head really hard on the asphalt parking lot, and then they flee."

Authorities tell Eyewitness News that the victim of the beating was taken to Einstein Medical Center. They add that he was in bad condition.

Police say the three men fled the scene on foot. They believe the suspects live in the area of the attack. They are asking anyone with information to contact them.


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