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Made Up Trade: Sixers Trade Young, Hawes, Acquire Two First Round Picks

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – I challenged the architect of the weekly made-up trade, Ethan (@Giles1228), to do something that would mean something to me personally.

Trade Spencer Hawes.

The job this week: find a somewhat realistic scenario in which the Sixers trade Spencer Hawes. The answer is a three-team deal with the Rockets and the Bulls, which also involved Thaddeus Young and Omer Asik.

Remember the made up trade is JUST FOR FUN, and NOT REAL, and an exercise in HYPOTHETICAL THINKING. These have all been tenants of sports radio for as long as I can remember.

Sixers Get:

Kirk Hinrich ($4.1 Million, One Year)

Terrence Jones ($1.6 Million, Three Years)

Donatas Montiejunas ($1.4 Million, Three Years)

Tony Snell ($1.4 Million, Four Years)

Marquis Teague ($1.1 Million, Three Years)

Erik Murphy ($490 Thousand, Two Years)

Rockets 2015 First Round Pick

Bulls 2014 First Round Pick

Rockets Get:

Thaddeus Young ($8.9 Million, Three Years)

Spencer Hawes ($6.5 Million, One Year)

Bulls Get:

Omer Asik ($8.4 Million, Two Years)

Why The Sixers Do It: Well, this trade does everything the Sixers do right now. First, they get rid of contracts and players that might help them win games this year, in Thaddeus Young. The acquire a few players with upside, and first round picks, though low first round picks, in the 2014 draft. Most importantly, they trade Spencer Hawes.

Why The Rockets Do It: The Rockets get a power forward who is a good fit next to Dwight Howard, get rid of a guy who isn't and doesn't want to be there in Asik, and they get Spencer Hawes, who, will be, I don't know. He's a good fit next to Dwight Howard right? Sure.

Why The Bulls Do It: They made a mistake letting go of Asik in the first place, and getting him back gives them the perfect backup for Joakim Noah, who has played two many minutes the last couple of years.

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