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Made-Up Trade: Sixers, Bucks, Wizards And Pistons In Four-Team Turner Trade

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It's a month until the trade deadline, and Sixers fans are on edge.

Most expected that at least two of the three tradeable players the team has, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, and Spencer Hawes, would be traded by the deadline. And here we are, all three are here.

Not only are all three players here, but Turner and Hawes' play has leveled off a bit, and their numbers aren't quite as impressive as they were a month ago.

Still, the NBA trade climate has been cool overall, and one would assume that the Sixers will be a part of a flurry of deals that happen before February 20th.

Until then, the Made Up Trade Commissioner Ethan Giles (on Twitter @Giles1228) will keep making them up, and keeping the trade machine working. Here's what we've got for this week:

Sixers Receive:

Charlie Villenueva ($8.6 Million, One Year)

Jan Vessley ($3.3 Million, One Year)

Kantavious Caldwell Pope ($2.7 Million, Four Years)

Wizards Receive:

Jason Richardson ($6.2 Million, Two Years)

Greg Monroe ($4.1 Million, One Year)

Bucks Receive:

Marcin Gortat ($7.7 Million, One Year)

Pistons Receive:

OJ Mayo ($8.0 Million, Three Years)

Evan Turner ($6.7 Million, One Year)

Why The Sixers Do It: As usual, this seems to benefit the Sixers more than everyone else. This is CBS Philly of course, and we have faith Sam Hinkie will rip someone off before the year is over. The Sixers get out of Richardson's contract, get to expiring deals in Vessley and Villenueva, and perhaps a future shooting guard in Kantavious Caldwell-Pope.

Why The Wizards Do It: They get a young, very good, big man in Greg Monroe, to pair with John Wall for years to come, and all they've got to give up is Vessley, and Gortat's expiring deal. They also do us the favor of taking Richardson off of our hands.

Why The Bucks Do It: A terrible team gets out of a contract they probably regret in OJ Mayo.

Why The Pistons Do It: The Monroe/Drummond/Smith frontcourt hasn't worked since the inception of it, and Monroe seems like the piece most likely to move with a big contract on the way. In Mayo, they get a guy who can actually shoot (not just thinks he can like Jennings and Smith), and a guy who can (sort of) play small forward for the rest of this year, while Smith moves to power forward, where he probably belongs.

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