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Local Pastors Unfazed By President Obama's Support Of Gay Marriage

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Nearly a week after President Obama declared his support for gay marriage, what's the reaction among the local black clergy? Two prominent pastors seem unfazed.

"Really, all he did was, he gave his opinion. He has not changed any laws. He can barely get a budget passed through congress, with all the gridlock. So I don't know why anyone thinks this is going anywhere; it's just his opinion."

Reverend Mark Tyler of Mother Bethel AME says he wonders why those expressing outrage over the president's endorsement of gay marriage aren't outraged over the proposed closure of 64 schools, or gun violence.

"I just think it's misplaced priorities or misplaced energy that can be better used in a fight somewhere else."

Bright Hope Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Johnson says the president's pronouncement has no effect on the church.

"He did not try to infringe upon the rights of religious institutions. Because we maintain the separation of church and state, I think that it allows us to continue to operate within our faith, but also operate in the democracy in which we live."

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