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Local Foreign Policy Expert Weighs In On Iran Nuclear Arms Deal

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's not just outspoken Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who thinks the Iran nuclear program agreement is bad. A local foreign policy expert says many of the other Gulf Arab country leaders are unhappy with this deal.

International Relations professor Edward Turzanski with La Salle University says this deal gives Iran more time to work on its nuclear weapons program. And he says, Iran's neighbors are wary of any deal.

"The other Gulf Arabs, the Egyptian government are all very concerned," Turzanski says, "because they have seen the Iranians play the international community's desire for a deal for more than three decades.

Turzanski says the deal leans heavily in Iran's favor.

"The payoff is too big to get the weapons," he says, "for us to be able to buy them off so that they'll stand down.

A White House official says the agreement allows Iran to be able to continue to refine Uranium, a crucial process in making a nuclear weapon.

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