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Leave Bulb Leaves

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Should you tie up bulb leaves?

One thing's for sure, you definitely don't want to cut off tulip or daffodil leaves, because as they turn from green to brown in the next few weeks, those leaves will be sending food down into the bulb to make next year's flowers.

I remember my grandmother folding them up after a few weeks and tying them using one of their own leaves as twine - it never seemed to do hers any harm. But, today bulb growers advise us not to braid or bind the leaves because it blocks the sun the leaves need to make food.

Then, the other day I noticed a neighbor who has daffodils growing in a grassy area had gathered the leaves in very loose groups with large rubberbands, just enough to keep them from flopping over into the lawn where they could get clipped by the mower. It's a smart compromise for bulb leaves not protected by a garden bed or mulched area, because the leaves still get plenty of sun, but stay out of the way of lawnmower blades.

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