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La Salle Nutrition Students Urge Classmates to Snack Healthier

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Free food gets people's attention.  And that was certainly the case this afternoon at La Salle University, where students majoring in nutrition were trying to get fellow students to consider healthier snack options while watching the upcoming World Series.

Today, members of the LEAN (LaSalle Explorers Advocating Nutrition) Club were offering healthy snacks from a table in the Student Union building.

"Actually our tactic is, we tell them it's free snacking, and then once they are eating it and trying it we tell them that it's healthy," explains one club member.  "And they have no idea!  And they are like, 'Oh, wow, this is actually really good and  we can be healthy.' "

Shikya Thomas, a junior, was biting.

" Very good -- that's very good!" she said after enjoying a wheat cracker with low-fat cheese ranch dip.

"I don't know about the olives part," she continued, "but everything else in there -- the tomatoes, the fat-free sour cream... I wouldn't even have known that (it was fat free).  It would make me want to change my food choices when I go to the supermarket."

Other ideas being offered included buffalo-spiced cocktail nuts and apple-cinnamon cookies with no added sugar.

The recipes were also handed out.

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