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Former Virginia Attorney General: Trump Should Issue More Specific Executive Orders On Travel Restrictions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli reacted to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling refusing to reinstate a travel ban issued by an executive order from President Donald Trump by telling Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Trump could successfully implement his plan with a series of more specific orders.

"I would substitute a set of new orders for this one order and I would break it down, as the president is empowered by statute to do, into a whole series of classifications. Every single classification identified in the court process so far, I would write a new and separate order for ... that would leave you, no matter what happens for most of the classifications, the biggest one that includes 99.9 percent of the human beings effected by this, that is people from these seven dangerous countries that have never been to the United States, some of whom, we don't ever want to come to the United States obviously, those people have no constitutional right," Cuccinelli explained. "They have no standing to challenge anything the president does. They would be covered, governed and taken care of, wrapped up in a bow and then we can deal with all of the other small sub-categories that the court has identified."

Cuccinelli feels the president will ultimately prevail in the legal battle over the order but thinks the process is too time consuming.

"The most astonishing thing about the ruling ... over 99 percent of the people this was supposed to apply to have never been to the U.S., have no standing, have no constitutional basis to challenge anything and yet, even that part of the temporary restraining order, which is, suddenly, not looking so temporary, was left in place," he said. "Say what you want about how this is all likely to end up, and I think the president is going to win it hands down when it's all said and done, but it's a long time between here and there."

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