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Today Is Deadline To File Challenge To PA Election Results

By Mike DeNardo and Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Today is the deadline for filing of challenges to Pennsylvania's general election results.

So, can Green party candidate Jill Stein make good on her pledge to seek a Pennsylvania recount?

Pennsylvania's election law doesn't allow a candidate to file a challenge. So, Jill Stein can't actually contest the results herself.

She's telling her Pennsylvania supporters they'll have to "jump through a lot of hoops" to get one in the Keystone State by today's deadline.

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"In Pennsylvania, it's especially complicated."

She could challenge the results in court, but she'd need to present evidence of probable fraud.

The other path under PA election law -- a political Hail Mary -- is for voters in each of the state's 9,200 districts to ask for a recount.

"We need three people -- three voters, at least -- in every precinct. And there are thousands of precincts in Pennsylvania."

In an online video, Stein instructs voters to file notarized affidavits with their county clerks' offices.

A computer expert, cited by Stein, claims a 7 percent discrepancy in how Hillary Clinton performed in certain battleground states as compared to pre-election polling.

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A group of computer experts also warned of potential hacking claiming Pennsylvania uses outdated electronic voting machines.

But Stein has acknowledged she has no evidence of fraud or hacking in the battleground states where she is challenging the votes.

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by about 70,000 votes in Pennsylvania.


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