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Jill Biden Stops In Philadelphia During 7-City Tour Of Pennsylvania

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - While Vice President Joe Biden is preparing for Thursday's debate against his Republican foe Paul Ryan, the second lady is stumping for the Obama-Biden campaign with a seven city tour of Pennsylvania.

"I want you to make phone calls, I want you to go out and canvas."

Dr. Jill Biden spoke to a crowd of about 100 enthusiastic volunteers at the Passyunk Avenue Obama headquarters, reminding supporters of the Obama administration's successes - using examples like education that are close to her heart.

"President Obama and my husband Joe have moved us forward on education. They've doubled the funding for education, they've reformed the student loan process."

Kwame has been volunteering for Obama 2012 for six months because of the administration's stance on veteran's issues.

"To have someone in the white house that actually cares about us, is a very positive thing for us," he said. "A lot of us veterans are forgotten."

Philadelphia is vitally important, if the Obama campaign hopes to win Pennsylvania. In 2008, Obama won nearly 85 percent of the Philadelphia vote, which led to a keystone victory.

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