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Jerry Blavat Shares Memories of 1968 at Nat'l Constitution Center Exhibit

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Longtime disk jockey and Delaware Valley entertainer Jerry Blavat took a trip back through time today, giving visitors at the National Constitution Center some personal observations about a pivotal era recent US history.

Blavat, the ageless friend to singers, stars, and -- he admits -- mobsters, was guest speaker today at the Constitution Center's "The 1968 Exhibit," which runs through September 2nd.

By '68, Blavat was an old hand at the entertainment game, but tumultuous times left a mark, he recalls.

"I think in '68, music changed to reflect what was happening in America, and I think it clouded many young people's minds, you see.  My music was happiness, rock and roll, and music with a lyric that spoke of love and romance," Blavat says.

And the Geator says he deplores another thing that clouded minds more and more: drugs.  And he laments that so many entertainers became casualties of bad behavior instead of leaders of good.

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