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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Crab Season Opens

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In a couple of weeks the tapping sound of wooden mallets will be echoing across the nearby Chesapeake Bay. It's time to get ready for crab season.

Grab your crab pots, hand lines and chicken neck bait. Maryland crab season opens on April first. Then it'll be time for the sounds of cracking crabs and popping cans. So what kind of a season can we expect? Here's Waterman by birth. Chris Lingerman,

"I think it's going to be an average year, not like it was last year," said Chris Lingerman, Waterman by birth.

Lingerman runs Chester River Seafood in the Chesapeake Bay town of Rock Hall. Last year, if you recall, the critters were jumping into the pots. So what changed? Lingerman blames the weather for one thing.

"Well, usually when you've had ice the way we've had it this year with the weather being cold, it kills a lot of the bigger crabs," he said.

And so we can expect the prices to be a bit higher. Good reason for a catch-'em yourself crabbing getaway.

But it's hard to beat a bought steamed bushel for that family feast.


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