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Jason Pierre-Paul Thinks The Eagles Should Be 0-4, What?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There has been no shortage of back and forth between the Eagles and the Giants over the last few seasons. This may be the most contentious relationship between any two teams in the division at this point.

The players rarely pass up a chance to take a shot at the other team and Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants must have been next in line.

"The Eagles, yeah, they're 4-1," Pierre-Paul admitted on Thursday. "Just watching their games, you see they could have easily been 0-4."


So, obviously this is a simple mathematical error or a slip of the tongue on Pierre-Paul's part, but when you open up a war of words, you leave yourself open to get slammed for anything.

Way to go JPP. Nice insult.

Our good friend Bradley Cooper would probably suggest that Pierre-Paul shut his mouth.

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