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Interboro Postpones High School Football Game With Chichester Over Weapons Threat, Officials Say

PROSPECT PARK, Pa. (CBS) -- Senior night at a Delaware County high school football game was ruined after the school district determined a weapons threat to be reliable. Interboro High School canceled its game against Chichester on Friday afternoon upon learning of the treat in the morning.

The Interboro School District says it received information about the potential threat of a weapon being brought to the game by a non-Interboro student.

After learning of the threat, the school district opted to cancel the game and reschedule it at a later date.

Friday night's game against Chichester wasn't just any game -- it was senior night.

But those seniors weren't recognized because of a threat. Students, though, believe the district made the right call.

"They made the right decision," junior Ciera Lockley said, "because you don't joke about that."

Though students agree with the cancellation, they're still disappointed.

"It was also Pink Out. We just got back from our volleyball game and I was really excited to go and get changed in my pink shirt and go," senior Shannon Maginnis said, "but it's really disappointing that it had to be canceled and moved."

"It was everyone's senior night and everyone wanted to go," junior Noelle Maginnis said, "and it was our last Bucs game. Everyone wanted to support and then that happened."

As the investigation continues into the threat, students are hoping a new senior night game can be rescheduled soon.

"That threat came in and we were all scared," junior Ellora DeNight said, "and then we were all just bummed that we didn't get to go."

Police are also involved in the investigation.

CBS3's Kimberly Davis contributed to this report.

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